Special Evangelism Projects 

George Johnson, Evangelism Special Projects and Assistant to the President for Church Growth 

Pastor George Johnson grew up in Asia and later spent 30 years there as a career missionary before returning to the United States in 1997. He pastored four churches in the Hanford area, worked actively in church planting and consulted for the conference for several years. In 2002, he began working full-time at the Central California Conference as Director of Special Evangelism Projects.

 Though he thought stateside work might be boring, he has found it invigorating. “The most exciting thing was discovering that I could be a missionary here in America,” he states. “I can use the package of skills I developed in the mission field to help people here turn on to the challenges of being relevant in their communities.”

George oversees three important areas of evangelism for the conference: 

Bible Workers - Recruits, places, mentors and evaluates the conference’s 50+ workers.            

Church Planting - There are 20-30 church plants in the conference at any given time.

Lay Training - Develops opportunities and manages and supports ongoing training program.

“We are sort of an R&D department,” says George. “We look at the different components of the church and work to get them all working together smoothly, so that there is synergy and good results for God’s work.”

George is married to Mernie, a nurse, author and editor. Like George, she is passionate about evangelism and uses her talents for the Lord in a variety of ways. “She is my right hand,” smiles George. The Johnsons have three children; Stemple, Shirleane, and Sameena, and five grandchildren.

Isaiah 40:31, “They that wait up on the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint”, became Pastor Johnson's favorite scripture while running marathons each year in Southeast Asia.