Special Evangelism Projects



George Johnson, Evangelism Special Projects

Pastor George Johnson grew up in Asia and later spent 30 years there as a career missionary before returning to the United States in 1997. He pastored four churches in the Hanford area, worked actively in church planting and consulted for the conference for several years. In 2002, he began working full-time at the Central California Conference as Director of Special Evangelism Projects.


Though he thought stateside work might be boring, he has found it invigorating. “The most exciting thing was discovering that I could be a missionary here in America,” he states. “I can use the package of skills I developed in the mission field to help people here turn on to the challenges of being relevant in their communities.”


George oversees three important areas of evangelism for the conference: 

Bible Workers - Recruits, places, mentors and evaluates the conference’s 50+ workers.            

Church Planting - There are 20-30 church plants in the conference at any given time.

Lay Training - Develops opportunities and manages and supports ongoing training program.


 “We are sort of an R&D department,” says George. “We look at the different components of the church and work to get them all working together smoothly, so that there is synergy and good results for God’s work.”


George is married to Mernie, a nurse, author and editor. Like George, she is passionate about evangelism and uses her talents for the Lord in a variety of ways. “She is my right hand,” smiles George. The Johnsons have three children; Stemple, Shirleane, and Sameena, and five grandchildren.


Isaiah 40:31, “They that wait up on the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint”, became Pastor Johnson's favorite scripture while running marathons each year in Southeast Asia.



Sandra Manro, Administrative Assistant to the Director for Special Evangelism Projects and the Assistant to the President for Church Growth


Sandra had been a homeschooling mom for ten years, but when an accounting job at the Central California Conference opened up in 2002, she felt God’s nudge. She applied, prayed and left it up to God. She got the job, and worked there for three years before moving to her current position with its focus on her personal passion, evangelism.

 Sandra’s responsibilities include:

Providing office support for CROSS Trainers and church plants, organizing quarterly CROSS trainer trainings, and assisting with immigration and payroll issues.

She assists the Director, with all traditional public evangelism campaigns budget approvals, She processes funding and recapping as needed, as well as gathering and compiling statistical information on each meeting.  

Serving as the Evangelism Committee Secretary, responsible for preparing the Committee’s agenda, financial reports, and packet of requests.  She oversees the allocation of evangelism funds and maintains communication between pastors, treasurers and evangelists.

“It’s a whole potpourri of stuff. It’s a wonderful ministry and very satisfying,” she says. “I love praying with the Pastors and CROSS Trainers. No matter what is going on, you just stop and pray.”

 Sandra and her husband, Eric have an active Food Ministry that they have been running since 2004.  Some of the area churches that have benefitted are the Fresno Asian, Caruthers, Sanger and Auberry congregations.  They arrive, have a brief religious service with focus on prayer, music and a short sermonette.  Then the food is distributed to the community members that are in attendance.  “This is a huge blessing to be where God wants us to be” says, Sandra

Eric also has a very active preaching schedule in and around the CCC territory.  They are enjoying their empty nest and travel most Sabbath’s to bless others. 

 Sandra loves all of the Psalms, but Psalm 37:4 is a special favorite. “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”


Top of Form

Jonathan Sanchez, Bible Worker/CROSS Trainer Field Coordinator

Jonathan was born in El Salvador, however, at a young age his family moved to the US and settled in Oakland where he grew up. While he was attending PUC he met Bill Krick and became involved in the Youth Rush program and decided to attend SOULS West. 

After SOULS West Jonathan came to work for the CCC Literature Ministries department with Spanish GLOW. However, two years later, he felt God was calling him to do Bible working; henceforth, he ended up being placed in Dinuba/Reedley district. However, as he started working with the church, he noticed that his progress on finishing his degree with Griggs University had come to a halt. 

As Jonathan began praying for God’s guidance in regards to schooling, God closed some doors and opened others, such as the opportunity to attend Weimar College. While there God opened still another door as the NCC invited him to become the director for the NCC Youth Rush program.  During this time, he also became the assistant pastor for the Grass Valley church. 

Jonathan graduated this past June with a BA degree in Theology and then went on to lead his last NCC Youth Rush program during the summer of 2013. He left NCC several weeks later to answer the call by CCC to become the Coordinator for the Cross Trainers program.

Jonathan was most recently married to his beautiful bride, Gisel, on May 26, 2013.  He enjoys soccer, running marathons and loves to hike in Yosemite when not involved with work.


Abel Pangan, Administrator, Education in Ministry Program


For over 48 years, Pastor Abel Pangan has faithfully served his Lord. His years of service include mission work in Laos, many years in Thailand as a pastor, teacher and administrator, and literature evangelism and church planting in Canada. From 1991-2001 he pastored his native people in the Fresno Central Valley and Armona Filipino churches. He then “retired” – so he could pastor in Hawaii and Thailand.


He recently returned to Central California to care for his aged mother and agreed to head up the Conference’s Education in Ministry program part-time. As administrator of this program, Pastor Pangan assists lay pastors and Bible workers in obtaining accredited Bachelors degrees through Griggs University.


His work includes assisting students in applying to Griggs, guiding them through class work, administering tests and much more. The work is challenging, yet deeply rewarding. “I’m so happy when I can help a person succeed and obtain an accredited degree,” he says simply.


During his many years of ministry, one promise stands out as a source of comfort and strength. “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” Isaiah 41:10. He comments, “This is the most wonderful promise God has given me. When there are challenges, I look up to the Lord and He upholds me.”


Pastor Pangan’s wife Ofelia is an English teacher. Together they have three children. Daughters Lynda and May are nurses in central California. Son Dale is an optometrist in Texas. The Pangans have nine grandchildren. In his spare time, Pastor Pangan enjoys gardening and Scrabble.